Saturday, December 4

Artsy ramblings of the unartsy: some nostalgia

Basically I have no life and I am waiting around for the fun to start tonight by writing the second blog of the day. My fascinations come on strong and die quick so much like all the other diaries and journals I have started as a child the novelty of this may wear off soon. I thought I would try to do a reminisce piece reflecting what I’ve learned growing up in the middle of nowhere Northern Ontario.

So I begin in the middle of nowhere. A cliché at first glance but I think this place has rightful claims to the name. You see it is situated right in the bush (northern for ‘forest’) about 2 and a half hours north of anything with a Tim Horton’s or substantial shopping arena, basically any place with a population of great than 5000. The place is the great metropolis of Wawa, or the GWA (greater Wawa area). Within an hour radius there is nothing larger than this town, children are bussed in from places that don’t even have a high school to attend the old faithful Michipicoten High. The state of the art hospital serves all of the ‘bush-dwellers’ with emergency care, assuming you can get there in time.

Being isolated from the rest of the world (Toronto), you could call the existence of the town almost feral. I have picked up words that I still get regularly mocked for and customs that could have only originated in the type of conditions that allowed for the genetic diversity of Australia. I proudly say packsack without batting an eye and at one time had a Canadian goose foot as a toy.

Now its just getting pathetic and I am losing my flair...a little Flowers for Algernon style if you will. But I did whip these babies up for my housemates this afternoon after we were inspired by my favorite passtimes of reading personal ads in the National Post...good times.

Like a 12 year old Child!
SWCF, 19, Slim build and perfect bone structure. Nutrition student, loves to eat eggplants and other vegetables. Very sentimental, likes to laugh, romantic walks through the organic foods section, and artistic endeavors. Seeking a slim, SWCM 29-69, with large, prominent nose who is involved in the church and who cuts trans-fat from his diet. Seeking long term relationship, serious replies only.

I say Tom-ah-to!
SWCF, 19, looks Argentinean, likes rice pudding, reading the Bible, traveling, and talking on the phone. Seeking SWCM, 38-66, madly in love with Christ, willing to go through rigorous testing in areas such as behaviour while serving, with children, the elderly and speaking in public. Must own a copy of the Amplified Bible and willing to learn Greek and Hebrew. Call for a good chats, prayer time and maybe more!

Don’t be Intimidated
SWCPF. 19, engineering student with curly brown hair and intense blue eyes. Loves to play the 12 string guitar, build devices that transport eggs, curling and long walks on the beach. Seeking a SCM, 19 ½-39, 6’+, 198-225 lbs. Must have athletic build, blue/green eyes, N/S, N/drugs. If you are marriage-minded, have great strumming patterns, a sexy deep voice and a set of real drums call me up!

I hope that was enjoyable...but then laundry is enjoyable when you are studying for exams. I bought fabric softener for the first time yesterday. It took me 15 minutes but I got Downey Ultra Spring Rain scent...the joys of living away from home!

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katie you're so funny.

you better keep on blogging. i'm going to come after you if you don't. i need reading material!!!