Monday, March 1

Cleaning House

Moving back from TO for two months (to do my first SLP placement in child language) I ended my lease and brought all my things home. There is barely enough room to walk around. I'm 24 and still moving back home between stints away at school. There is need to purge in anticipation of actually moving out of this place some day.

I'm doing an intensive "no regrets, no looking back" clear out of everything I own. If I don't use it I don't keep it.

The pink and yellow hair straightener is going. I've held onto it this long because where else can you get a hair straightener with exchangeable metal plates that let you emboss HEARTS! and STARS! on your hair???? All of my instincts say: what if you decide you want STARS in your hair next year and YOU JUST CAN"T DO IT???

The VHS movies are also going. The films themselves are a good representation of my favourite-flicks-of-all-time; unfortunately I don't have a VCR to actually view said movies. Maybe it is time to go digital.

Bye bye movie collection [its a short list]:
The Secret Garden "I've got a lump in my back, I've got a lump in my back!"
Ever After. Drew Barrymore at her best (exept for The Wedding Singer).
The Joy Luck Club. Who doesn't love a good generation-spanner?
Miss Congeniality. "Eyebrows: there should be two!"
About A Boy. I heart Hugh Grant even if he is dreadful in real life.
Beaches. Mini-Mayim Bialik, watch it!
What's Eating Gilbert Grape.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Rushmore. This one is somewhat out of place because, well, I have never watched it. I went through a buying-vhs-at-garage-sales phase a few years ago.

[ETA: More proof that I was a weird kid. In my sorting I found an old photo album with those sticky-sheets. Apparently I was trying to make some sort of time capsule because I cut out old newspaper articles and images of toys and clothes from old Sears catalogues. I had a pretty interesting idea of what was relevant at the time in terms of news: "Fishers incensed as Canada makes sockeye deal with Washington State". Armageddon was playing in theatres at the time. So was "Out of Sight" with George Clooney. I guess it wasn't very memorable.
That should also give you a timeline for when I was making this. Go being a little too old to be making something like that. This album also reminded me of one of my odd obsessions as a young child: cutting out pictures from Sears catalogues. I would do it for hours and had a bag that I kept them all in. My parents should have had me playing more sports, or an instrument.]

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