Monday, March 15

F-Bag (CrapBag's second cousin)

LibrariMan and I headed over to the Dollar-twenty-five-arama* to make an f-bag. That is, a bag filled with 10 trinkets that all start with the /f/ sound. Yes, /f/ with a PH counts. Sounds easy but there are some criteria:
1. Must start with F (unfortunately there are no fcows, fplaydough or fspatulas)
2. A preschool child must be able to identify the object without help (that means fedora is out)
3. It must fit in a little bag (approx. 8x8).
4. The word should (preferably) NOT start with a consonant cluster (thought you were clever with frog, right?).

It was a challenge to say the least (although a fun one). So far the bag contains (with rule #4 being broken a few times):

Still on the lookout for: fairy, firetruck, (a toy) fence, foot (hopefully one that doesn't scar the children), finger (ditto previous), fan, flag

I can't wait for garage-sale time to really get making my sound bags!

*Yes, dollar stores too must cater to inflation. But don't feel too bad for them! Inflation rates in Canada are traditionally 1-2% per year (thanks to iron-fisted control from the Bank of Canada). In 10 years we're talking 10-15%. When Dollarama adds a quarter to their prices that's an automatic 25% compensation. Sneaky.

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