Tuesday, February 16

Thanks Internet

For all the great things that the internet makes possible it also keeps a record of failures.

Feeling ambitious today after a great jog outside (so glad to be back outside! See ya later, treadmill!) I have been perusing training programs for running 10km. I'll be back up north soon for placement and no longer be forced by my own cheapness to walk at least an hour every day, therefore, I need a more intense exercise routine. While discussing this lofty plan with my (oh so sensitive ;) librariMan I let slip that I had run a 5km race before.

Oh, and that I came in last. Completely dead last. My time was 33 minutes but it was only the second time I had ever even made it that far without stopping (the first was two days before in an effort to not die). I was in grade 10, had only been running for a month and, let's be honest, had (and still have) never been athletic.

What does an ever-sensitive librariMan do in a situation like this? Offer comfort? Maybe some encouragement? He googles my race! And thank you internet: there is a record of me finishing dead last in a community fundraising race 10 YEARS AGO! That's right, October 9th, 2000 I came in last. Next time I ever attempt anything competitive I'm going to be certain to come in at least second last.

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