Monday, February 22

Crossing off Something Nerdy

After many months of planning and waiting I was able to cross something off of my life to-do list. Something quite nerdy. I started a book club :) It is a sporadic one since its members are busy grad students but, nonetheless, we have read one book, discussed it and are in the plans for a second. That counts as a book club. I believe I mentioned the selection process on here back in November. Yes, it took until last week to be accomplished and there was a high attrition rate BUT there were 5 members in attendance and we talked about Margaret Atwood's Oryx & Crake.

We discussed themes and how the story paralleled our current society and what we thought Snowman would do at the end and what Crake really was planning and why. We ate lots of candy. Afterward we celebrated with a swim, a soak in the hot tub and a fry in the sauna.

The club hopes to hold another session in May when we all return from our first placements across Ontario. We need some book suggestions so I think i'll go do my research.

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