Tuesday, February 16

My Clothes-mate

Until now I had never had a friend that I could share clothing with. I was always taller, shorter, bigger or smaller than friends or had an entirely different style. Hi-C, however, has been showing me how to adorn myself with quality clothes for less expensive prices. Her secret: try it on in the store and then buy it on ebay for half the price.* She has also lent me some quality jeans to feel the difference and, blogosphere, I don't think I can ever go back!

About a month ago we spied a lovely dress on the main floor (read: not on sale) of Anthrologie. She promptly found one on ebay and it arrived last week while we were making apple & cheese scones! It looked gorgeous on her so I gave it a whirl and fell in love. This weekend I made my very first purchase on ebay and will soon be in possession of an "In-A-Moment" dress. I'm so lucky that Hi-C is such a good sport.

*You may already be privvy to this information but it was new to me.

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