Wednesday, February 3

Food of the gods

SLP 2011 was granted a day off school today (from our fairy godmother). My good friend Hi-C hosted a homework group/baking session all afternoon.

First on the menu: Ginger cookies. We got this recipe from the good ol'net and highly recommend it (if you like your ginger cookies tasty and chewy). Another recommendation: double the spices.

Next (interspersed with some articulation assessment scoring), and the namesake for this post:
GOAT CHEESE & PEAR PIZZA. I don't care what time of day you are reading this, just go make this right now! So easy and a beautiful mix of sweet and savoury.

1. Buy some of that premade pizza dough (don't be lazy, the dough not the already baked crust).
2. Flatten onto floured pan (you know, pizza style).
3. Smother with pesto sauce (the tasty green stuff).
4. Carmelize onions and put on top*. Be generous.
5. Thinly slice pear and put on top. Keep up the generosity.
6. Sprinkle (inundate? Depending on your personal tastes) with GOAT CHEESE.
7. Bake (follow baking instructions on dough bag).
8. Savour.
9. Thank me (or actually Hi-C).

*You may actually want to do this as #2 and shift all other steps down one.

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