Thursday, May 22

Like an Amusement Park without the Amusement

That is assuming that everyone finds them amusing (which is not the case but just go with it)

There was a Career Expo' here yesterday. To be fair it wasn't advertised as a JOB Fair. Good thing because there weren't really any jobs to be had. In fact, many of the large employers actually refused a career fair. Just take them and throw them out! (not that I advocate wasting paper).

I was there to represent one of many many employment agencies, none who actually had jobs in their agencies I might add, that filled a good percentage of booths. I understand our desire to be there but it must have been a disheartening sight to see government agencies touting services in spaces where employers could have been. I left tired but the soul weary disillusionment. I have been experiencing that quite a bit lately which is counter-productive. Especially for my job where I have to help others but I constantly feel like I can't provide the kind of help they want or any real help at all; I then want to avoid helping at all.

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