Friday, May 9

Except for an obvious Flaw

In my next life (if i believe there were 'next' or 'previous' lives) i want to be sporty. I'll trade my smart for sport and find out what it is like to be coordinated. To see the whole field in my mind and know where to be; to actually be a right-place-at-the-right-time person. To play for hours sans tired or bored or san without ever touching the ball/net/frisbee/etc.

It wouldn't be easy to choose what to trade though. Maybe I could trade smart for pretty. Or rich. Maybe one life for each. Although if it was a trade it wouldn't be easy to give up smart since I couldn't imagine the tedium of school over again while being required to try. That sounded snobby. It just wouldn't be an easy trade. I'm sure anyone who is athletic to give that up and see how the uncoordinated half lives.


Anonymous said...

Can't I be athletic and smart?

Katie V. said...

of course! I guess i'm not so i was going with the premise of having to choose one or the other. If the scenario was be athletic and not have to give anything up then it is just an obvious choice (for me anyway) that i would take it.