Friday, May 2

The Game

That instinct that other people have for "the game", for knowing when to hold'em and knowing when to fold'em, scheming....I just didn't get that gene. At work I've been learning all about the game though. Another opportunity this week has been the good and the bad of a little more responsibility and control. I scooped up control of the hiring process of "my assistant" and screened resumes, set up interviews, chose the questions, sat on the interviews, helped make decisions.
It was exciting to be part of the process and helped me to understand so much better what the reviewers really think of your application and your interview. As payment for all this knowledge and experience I had to pay penance by informing all of the unsuccessful candidates. There is no part of me that enjoys informing bad news. I really thought I would end up just caving and giving everyone the job and sorting it out from there.

I haven't updated much lately. Work has been busy and life a bit monotonous I suppose. Being sort of sick changed pace a bit but not really in the way hoped for. Here here for a better week to come.

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