Thursday, May 29


Tomorrow we are outs. UK here I come! I plan to see everything I can in London and a few towns outside (Bath, Oxford and Stonehenge I believe). To be honest, I think I am looking forward more right now to just the time off work. What will I do when I'm a real grown up and I have to work 50 weeks a year with no fancy vacations???? Not get a monotonous job I suppose.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow, right after I leave, so a friend is buying me one along with hers. For what? For me to live out my preteen fantasies. To see the Backstreet Boys! Live! In Concert! Sans Kevin! That isn't really positive or negative. Something I should have done 10 years ago but will be seeing them right in here in my own home town at the end of the summer. A good for me, an obvious fall from grace for them to be playing here.

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Beth said...

a) the UK! jealous.
b) BSB in the Soo!? they have fallen from grace...