Thursday, November 30

Tastes just like a Penny

I have been looking forward to today for weeks. It was blood donor day and I was going to conquer my fears. I woke up a little anxious but I was not scared, maybe it was subconscious. My biggest hurdle would be the iron test but I had been training for the last week by consuming great amounts of beef jerky. My blood sank like something that is completely not buoyant, I had enough iron! So, you say, you're in! You did it! No, I still failed! The heart rate test! Well, of course, I'm an anxious person! That's just me!

I am so disappointed. Passing the iron test was like passing the MCATS and then being offered a position to med school then, when I was so excited from the news they say "oh, just as a formality you need to take this small spelling test". I'm so excited that I can't concentrate and mispell "floride" (see it should be Fluoride") and they revoke my offer of admission. For a spelling test???? You have to be kidding me.


Lisa said...

oh that's too bad but at least you tried. That's HUGE for some people.

I just saw a girl who looked like the blonde version of you. So much so that my face lit up until she gave no look of recognition in return.

Ashley said...

hey kv ~ let's be rejected blood donor buddies ~ and here's to February (your second try, my third!)

Love ya!

Beth said...

katie! i'm so proud of your attempt. i haven't given in a long time. maybe i'll do that while i'm home at christmas.

was your heart rate too high?? sometimes mine is too LOW. like i'm dead or something...