Tuesday, November 28

It's Official

That I have no life.
So, i have the biggest crush that i have had in months. Don't get too excited. It is on Chandler Bing. Thats right, from Friends. I have watched season three and half of season four since last week. Who has that kind of time at the end of the semester? Apparently I do. Plus I napped today and went to Zellers. Maybe I'll mix it up tomorrow and actually talk to people outside my house.

But, one exciting thing this week is Thursday. In two days I will be drained of my prescious iron-carrying fluid. I'm not telling this to make myself sound like a good person, it is just a momentous breakthrough for me! First time ever! I have been terrified of needles having never actually had blood taken it was the unknown that scared me. So a few weeks ago I had to have a blood test and I discovered something....it's not that bad! Actually its great, because now i get to complete one of the things on the list of things i want to do in my life. I suppose that's contingent on my having enough iron for them to let me do it. Does anyone know how to increase iron level in the blood artificially in a short period of time? I ate some beef jerky before writing this blog...

Another little push, on the Canadian Blood services website one could sign up for the bone marrow registry. I encourage people to check this out, mull it around for a bit. Being on the list does not at all mean you will ever be asked to do it.

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