Thursday, November 2

Brush with a Legend

This Halloween is one worth remembering. I received a telephone call from a friend who had wrapped herself in an oversized, dirty paper bag, donned a crown and was determined to meet a legendary author in the get up. A half hour later we pulled up to a pink-brick house on a child-filled crescent to meet Robert Munsch himself. Probably one of the influential authors in my life! We left with a caramilk, a dairy milk (full-sized, he isn't cheap!) and a picture of the Paper Bag Princess and Bob himself...and his Paris Hilton-type mini dog. It was actually a really awkward moment in my life, maybe in his too, but now I've met him.

Even better than that, his official website has free downloads of him reading all of his books! Instead of doing my Spanish homework I listened to "Purple, Green and Yellow", only one of his best books. I thought about listing my favorites but they all hold a special place in my heart. I would have to say "Good Families Don't" would be near the top though, since its about farts (ie. what good families do not have is flatulence).


Hannah said...

KATIE!!!!!!! you are my hero! The Robert Munch site is great!

and I am sooooooo jealous you got to meet Robert Munch!

Beth said...

i wasn't allowed to read "good families don't" when i was little as my mother objects to the word "fart" - i find it funny right now, but i will probably do the same thing with my children.

did you know that "aaron's hair" takes place in downtown guelph - you should look for the naked fountain..."get out of bed" is dedicated to someone i went to highschool with. (i think that's the one)

his son went to my highschool and had a discman when they still cost a bazillion dollars (my brother knew him).

and that is the end of my incredibly loose connection to robbie munsch.