Thursday, November 16

Motivational Speaker

Another job I can take off the ever lengthening list of things I dont' want to do when I grow up (along with teacher, taxidermist, tambourine player, road-line painter....). Actually I'm not motivated to do a whole lot lately, hence the lack of blogging. Reading. Thats the one thing I seem to be doing but maybe because at least its not sleeping, one can only sleep so much. Maybe thats what I'll be, a professional reader (i had banked on student-for-life but that involves homework and it isn't on my aforementioned list of things I am motivated to do).
Aside from all that, I finished my last midterm. Meaning, since i have one exam, that I will only be tested in such a manner once more this year (calendar year that is).

Two elements of good news. I saw a little dog today that was wearing a rain coat! Not in a sissy and embarrassing Paris Hilton's-dog kind of way but a really cool little rainproof get-up that looks like he crawled inside a MEC packsack.
The next is that i finally have access to my very own $2000 portable email checker (I used 2000 as a means for expensive, i am not actually saying what I spent, not that I wouldn't). Its from D**L. I block it out since some people treat that like an expletive in the computer savvy world, luckily I am not computer savvy and I like my sleek 14.1 inches of mcafee protected high-tech goodness. Right now I am taking a few hours out of my week to do something essential: reinstall all that music!

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