Monday, December 4

productivity (in a pear tree)

These last few days have been so relaxing and productive, I love exam time! I have baked over 200 cookies and even got to decorate a whole batch of sugar cookies, you can't much more fun than that! I won't say how many episodes of Friends I watched in that time but if I make it a goal to watch the whole series then watching episodes is productive, right? Right.

I plan on heading out for the great white north on the 11th of december. I have never left early for the holidays, this is revolutionary! It is good because my Nonno (grandpa) has been sick off and on since thanksgiving but I can't call him because he doesnt hear so hot on the phone. He was diagnosed with Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia about a month ago. it is a cancer of the white blood cells, it is actually manageable with just a few rounds of chemo and some pills but it will never go away. He had an infection a few days ago and they thought he would not make it but he pulled through but they are making him stay in isolation, he hates the hospital. Anyway, prayer for him would be appreciated, for his health, for my Nana because she is very stressed and our whole family because its Christmas time.

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