Monday, December 18

One week

I still cant believe that I have been home for a week now. i must admit to taking quite a bit of advantage over the break, being pretty lazy although not getting as much reading done as i had hoped. Luckily I have some disgustingly long bus rides to look forward to. I always take more out of the library than I can possibly finish if I also plan to see my family for more than meal breaks. I am working on Cider House Rules (actually my copy so maybe I should give it a rest) but its my workout reading. Actually dangerous because I let myself use the bike instead of the elliptical with the excuse that i need to get some reading done.

Another book i'm into is "The Collapse of Globalism" by John Ralston Saul and A History of India. If only I could choose one topic of interest and be well read on that subject. There is basically no snow here which is disconcerting; how can I feel good about the state of the environment now?

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