Monday, May 29

Good Surprise

A quick update on the g-saling front. Although there were many g-sales on Saturday it was deceiving, little was of interest. But it was still fun because my little sis and bro both came with. Every week seems to have a theme, something that every person decides that "this week is the perfect time to get rid of all my old _____.". This week it was picture frames. Had I been in a creative mood I would have bought lots of them but I just didn't feel like it. Now I probably won't see another frame all summer, thats how it works. One person takes the cake though, selling frames and photo albums complete with old photos inside. I was pretty tempted to buy one, make up a story about hte people in it, then I remembered that I wouldn't do that, and it would sit in my room for 7 years.

But on to the good surprise. So my sister started taking voice lessons about 3 years ago. No one in our family is musical (or was at the time, now my brother is pretty handy with the guitar). Yesterday was a recital for all of the students taught by my sisters teacher to sing for their families. I didn't want to go but if my little bro was going and my mom and i was just going to stay home and "do my homework" I knew that would be jerky. So we get there and she's near the end of the list.
The first few were almost torcherous (cute, but painful). The middle bunch were ok, most sang very dry boring songs. "Whew, well at least when Sarah is really bad, and sings quietly and misses the notes, everyone will jsut clap politely at the end"THen the good ones came. The older students. Some sang fun songs, some hit really great notes. Oh crap, now she's going to be so embarrassed. All the people before her were so good

I know its terrible that I assume she's not good. But three years isn't very long. And I thought she sings like me haha (too quiet, avoid those looming high notes). But thats the good surprise. She was amazing. She sang "I'm missing you, my Bill". Gorgeous song. I won't admit it to her but I wish I could hear her sing it again. One woman in the audience said her dad's name was Bill and he just died; she loved the song. So there it is, it took 18 years but I'll admit, she's got some talent.

Oh yeah. I bought "White Oleander"for 50 cents, an asian cookbook/encyclopedia for $2 and some sweet beaded necklaces for 25 cents each
TOTAL = $3.25


shellieos said...

white oleander for $.50?! JEALOUS!

Beth said...

LOVE the frame idea, but i'd do the same thing - leave it on a shelf in my room and forget to brag about my aunt winifred who caught the 35 lb trout...

good story with the sis too. i don't want to sound preachy - but as a younger sister, i think it would be HUGE if you did tell her you wanted to hear it again.

and you do have talent, katie vikken. you're just afraid to embrace it. for serious.