Tuesday, May 2

Getting mileage on memory lane

The process of repainting my room has become quite the trip down memory lane. There is so much junk in my room that I cannot fathom why it has taken me this long to dispose of it. I finally sorted through my letters. I had kept almost every letter I ever got (even those pointless ones wrote each other every day in high school). Apparently not only did I like Chuck (the guy I watched wrestling for), I liked Kyle and *shudder* Darren.

I even came across an old letter from Chuck. I think it was my first "I like you just as a friend" letter. Or more accurately "I like you fine but I like someone else". It was fun reading about the things that were so consequential at the time: semi-formal, some rumour about a guy who had his jaw broken, all the people we were and were not talking to. I was reminded that I was not exactly the sweetest person in highschool.

Actually I found an old diary I had kept when I was 7 or 8. I don't think I was very nice then either. I really ragged on this girl named renee who lived on my street. Man, I wouldn't be my friend if I were you haha.

Here are some entries (there were only about 10 from 1991 to 1993)

December 27 1991: Santa brought me a posable cabbage patch kid
--yippee...what did I mean my posable? oh well
June 20 9192: My new brother David Michael was born he weighed 7 pounds 4 o.z.
--I liked my brother a lot (still do), but apparently I thought he was born some time in the future, about 7000 years from now
1993-07-19: Dear Diary, Renee is a big fat nerd [ouch, thats pretty harsh self]. Renee should have love with Screech because Zak is taken by me and Tanya
--that year I learned about periods and capitalization. I also started to watch Saved by the Bell. Later on in my diary I go on to make up a horribly unoriginal poem about Zack Moris [I had discovered the 'c' in his name but not the double 'r']

I then had a page that separated most people I knew into 'freinds' or not. I think it was pretty accurate. There was one entry that was obviously added later on. I must have really disliked the person at the time to bother going back to a diary I hadn't used in a long time and inserting their name.

More proof that I started life out as a jerk. We are a fallen people.


kristin mac said...

Lol Katie V. So much growth takes place in 1 year, let alone 10 years...imagine, in 10 more you'll look back on this time and see improvement (I know, hard to imagine). Keep trusting God for the job he has for you this summer. hope things look up! (what does that expression mean, anyway?) Bye for now.


Silas said...

i agree, growth takes place so much. how's this: you are definitely a sweeter person now, than who you were back then. i mean, c'mon... yay turkey!!

Katie V. said...

oh hah, thanks, I didn't mean it to sound negative. I just think its so funny looking back at being 8 years old. A better ending may have been "kids can be really mean/stupid..." haha. Thanks!

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Beth said...

katie. what a great post! why so silent since then?? and why haven't you taken this dude up on the degree offers?? seriously.

Katie V. said...

Actually I signed up to do my PhD in astronomy over the internet. I guess I finally found my passion. Wish me luck.

The silence is me disproving the theory that there is an inverse relationship between the excitement in one's life and the number of posts. My life is not exciting and I still had nothing to post lol.