Saturday, May 20

Wheelin' and Dealin'

This morning I indulged in a small joy of mine during the summer months. A little late in the game, last night I mapquested my route around the city, which garage sales to hit and when. It always annoys me that there might be 4 g-sales in a small area but 2 will open at 8am and two at 9am. I mean, the g-salers day begins at 8am at the latest. If i'm going to drive all the way to an area, all the sales should be open. I think 9am is the lazy man's sale. When we hosted one at our home a few years ago people were banging on our garage door at 7:15 am. You can't keep them at bay, so cater to them.

It was a fairly lucrative day. Not bad for the first of the season. There were some good, rare finds. One thing of note, almost every house we stopped at was selling Christian items (ie. Bible Trivia, children's Bible stories, the entire Left Behind Series). It was encouraging. I like to know there are other Christians in the area. Although, they were selling it all....

The finds for the day:
My mom came out on top with both practical and cheap finds. Her total: $0.38. Not bad. A never-been-opened blank tape (she had went to buy one last week and couldn't find any, the times are changing), a very nice dish drying rack for free (to replace her 23 year old one), and a martha mag for 33 cents. Well 3 for a dollar but two were for me.

My haul:
  • 2 pairs of never-been-worn hand-made mitterns $1.00
  • 9 fantastic preteen novels (with such titles as Maniac McGee, Bridge to Terabithia, Tuck Everlasting, Parvana's Journey, Count the Stars, Underground to Canada): $2.25. What a steal. And there were all in great condition.
  • The Joy Luck Club (movie) $ 0.50
  • Scattegories (i love this game, i asked for it consistently for years, but I finally had my day) $4.00
  • 2 martha mags $0.67
  • "The Great House of God" by Max Lucado. $0.50
  • "What the Body Remembers" by someone $0.50.

You do the math. But, overall, good finds. I am now in the groove for the rest of the season.


Beth said...

what steals! i had no idea you were so intense in your garage sale-ing. i'm especially jealous of bridge to terabithia. first book that i remember making me cry. tuck everlasting, count the stars and underground to canada are other faves. woot woot.

happy reading (don't forget to stay on top of your astronomy readings too ;) you wouldn't want to flunk your online phD!)

Vaness said...

That's awesome! You've inspired me! Tomorrow in New Dundee (somewhere near Guelph apparently) there is a town-wide garage sale and everyone has garage I may just check it out!