Wednesday, May 24

Martha Stewart

I have realized I have been wasting all this time I have had at home. Unlimited groceries and ingredients at my disposal. My plan now is to experiement with tofu recipes all summer to find my favorites that I can then whip up at school. I am hoping tofu can become my official source of protein.
To get in the groove of cooking/baking today I went to the bulk barn (one of the most magical places on earth). I bought spelt flour and dark rye flour. This afternoon I have already made spelt muffins and spelt scones. Even my sister will eat them.
Next on the list is orange rye bread. I hope its good!

I have begun compiling a list of goals for the garage-saling season. I'll just die if I have to work saturdays before 11. The goals so far are 2 veggie steamers (the kind that look like those lotus flowers, or a candy bowl with holes in it--one for me, one for my dad), a cake decorating/icing set (i've been inspired by martha stewart, what can I say, she may be a felon but she is fantastic in the kitchen!), and then the usual good books and CDs.

Today I tried something new. Lychee fruit. Meh. I don't think I'll eat them again but it was fun.


shellieos said...

lychees are meh. should try the dragon eyes. i'm with you on the martha stewart. that woman knows how to run a house. i would want to be like her...minus the felon part.

Alex said...

shelly - I can't believe you. and I thought you were the TRUE asian! Haha - I LOVE lychees!! I have asian blood, therefore I love lychees. shame on you shelly CHEN...Lol...