Saturday, June 3

Garage Sale Guru

Some updates over the past week. I am now officially double-jobbed. I got the other job at the Rotary Club. My official title is "Special Events Assistant". That means I : answer phones, hound people to fax me the insurance forms for the parade, organize kids games, crafts and shows for ROTARYFEST (3days of summer festival fun right here in s.s.m).

Its going to be great. I did it two summers ago and I loved it. The best part my boss was great and she's still there, and the other student I worked with before is back again. Our office is in the back of this random building downtown near the sketchy end of queen street. It smells a little musty, with some bathroom spray smell in the background. No windows in the office but we painted it yellow at the end of the summer. I start Monday.

Garage saling. I drove, my mom navigated. We ventured into the west end. Decent, but I think i'll stay central. My bro and sis even came. I had the most finds as usual.
-Two beaded necklaces (a blue one and a hot pink one...woot) -50 cents each
-One sewing box to someday keep all my thread and pins and such - $3.00
-A book, "The Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night Time". 50 cents
-Roller blades, practically brand new $2.50. (now I just have to learn to use them)

TOTAL: $7.00

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