Wednesday, June 21

So I go to the Dentist today...

I have 9 minutes to write this blog, as I am nearing the end of my lunch break today. The dentist thing wasn't a great lead in. But I did go, and as usual he praised me for the wonderful job I do in taking care of my teeth and I smiled and tried to remember the last time I flossed (no, its not gross).
Today started with a meeting for the ROTARYFEST (i'm not yelling it, they've just brainwashed me to type it that way). We have one every second week. I look forward to it for the sole reason that I have a major crush on one of the men at the meeting. He runs that company there, fairly young, (ok...early 30s, but married so don't get all worried), the bookish type. I won't give out any names, but he dresses well too. Ok, done swooning.
For the rest of the day I'll likely spend it calling big shots all over the city and leave them lots of messages "Hi, this is Katie calling from the Rotary Office, I'm calling in regards to..." Insert some sort of festival function like "The Pony Signs" and there you go.


Coconut said...

dumb question, but does the rotaryfest or shall I say ROTARYFEST involve rotarions (rotary club members)??? because that'd be cool if it did. I just figured what tha rotary club was this week so yeah. okay l8s!

Katie V. said...

yes, yes as a matter of fact it does. A very interesting bunch of people. You have to be a business owner or manager to be in the club so a lot of them are the people around town who do their own cheesy TV commercials.