Thursday, June 8

Never Have to Drive well Again!

I am now fully licensed with my G. There is no insidious "2" after it, insinuating that I am not a capable driver. I guess I fooled them. Right before this post I also discovered that a miss Fisher also passed her test today. A hearty Congratulations to you!
I will say I was nervous. I think I can be an 'over preparer' sometimes. Last week my mom paid for me to have a lesson, which was good because I can't beleive how many times I said "what?? you have to do that?? every time??". He was a very nice man. I'm supposed to call him tomorrow to give him the good news. he taught me how to back in. I almost want to do it all the time. But that will wear off. To practice I would go to the mall parking lot and pick a random car. But in my fear of looking stupid (who backs in beside another car in an empty spot?) I would quickly bail if anyone came my way.

I realized that I hadn't parallel parked since my last driving test. I hadn't backed into a parking space either. Maybe I never will again. I'm ok with that. I also realized that I like going 60. I spent a wekk practicing the speed limit. It was so difficult. Everyone else on the road hated me. Now I don't have to do that again for a long time either!

Funny: this Tuesday my boss (at the Rotary Club) signed up myself and Heather (my coworker) for 4 hours of defensive driving! How perfect is that? So in all I got two go's at the test route with professionals. Our Tuesday teacher looked like Catherine Willows from CSI. Weird.

The actual test: conquered. I drove the speed limit. I changed lanes like a pro. Glanced all over the place. Parallel parked. Three-point turned. Emergency-stopped. Improvement: watch for hazards more. I AM SO ECSTATIC. FINALLY!!!

ps. I lied on the form. I have never driven on a 400 series highway.


Beth said...

AHHHH, Katie! i'd chastise you for lying, but i stretched the truth too. i also chickened out of practicing my parallel parking if there was anyone within eyesight. which made it difficult, since there are usually people alive and awake in the city.

Katie V. said...

Thanks man. I felt sooo bad. But I thought I just had to have driven on a highway at least 80km/h. So I did that. And I get there to take the test....and they ask for both. Its hard to find a 400 highway around here. But no excuses...

Lydia said...