Sunday, May 27

Move-in Day + Blogging Madlibs

Note:  Any word in italics was mad-libbed in by my small brother via text.

Two trips to Red Deer later and a good weekend comes to an end.  Friday I dodged out of work and straight into Otto and sped off to smelly Old Butt.  Skipper was kind enough to help me drink Otto full of my things and Shurl was even kinder to offer her truck and her time to wake up very early on a Saturday morning, load my furniture, and drive it up to Edmonton.  Apparently the gnarly boys thought our packing skills were lacking but it gave me an excuse to leave my green dresser - which does not match my new motif - at someone's garage sale.  Good packers or not, nothing fell off the truck.  We arrived and Shurl, ShanWow and I had everything unloaded in 50 minutes.  That either attests to how efficient we were or just how little stuff I actually own.

Then it was a shower, a bowl of chicken pot pie and KD from Shan&TyWOW, and speeding (literally) back to Red Deer again just in time to put my make up on in the parking lot and stroll in to see two lovely friends tie the knot.  Then the requisite celebration of course.  Followed by a late night and a trip back to Edmonton the next afternoon.  Side note:  Otto reached and then blew past his 10,000 km milestone this weekend.  Thanks, Otto!

The order of the week is painting followed by unpacking.  In order to paint I have to be a more decisive person and choose some damn colours.  Here are the top colour scheme contenders:

#1:  The deeper pink/red as the living room feature wall, the light blue as the rest of the walls and the rose-y pink for the kitchen.  Plus a mustard coloured (or grey dark grey?) accent wall in the bedroom.

#2:  The blue for the living room feature, the middle off-white for the rest of the walls and the pink for the kitchen (and the yellow for the bedroom feature wall).

#3:  The orange-pink for the living room feature wall, the off-white for the rest and the pertty blue for the kitchen.

Here are some before pics:

A big week is before me!

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