Monday, May 7

No Longer Homeless

For the past month I have been answering the question "What is your address?" with "I don't have one".  Not really sure what people took that to mean but hopefully they thought I smelled pretty good for not having regular access to plumbing.  As of May 26, 2012 I will be a real adult with my VERY OWN (rented) PLACE.  It is in the heart of edmonton and near the river valley for running and walking and sight-seeing and the such.

It is a one bedroom, about 800 square feet (sorry, Hi-C) and the owner even said I can PAINT!  You never get to do that in a renter.  Woot!  I've advertised myself at the lunch table as a charity case since I'll need just about everything to furnish this little place all of my own.  It is in a high-rise condo (no balcony, though) and I look out over the city.  The floors are darkish laminate wood stuff and there is a closet large enough to store a set of tires.  I even bargained a bit and got her to agree to take down the hideous accordion closet doors and have them replaced. Thank yam fries.  Sadly, no photos now.  I meant to take some and then forgot.  This is a great motivator for routine garage sale going.

In fact, there was an article on Huffpost today about things you should do and know by age 30.  Even though I'm not there yet it looks like I'm on my way to meeting most of them.  The number 7 is "How to live alone.  Even if you don't like to."  Challenge accepted.

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Vixxen said...

My first attempt at commenting broke Blogger, so I'll keep this one short (ish). Congrats on the new place! I hope I'll get to see it soon =) P.S. You're always ahead of the game -- you'll have that list down by 28 ;)

Love you, sister!