Sunday, May 6

Temporary Pet

For the past week I have been a double nomad with most of my things in Red Deer, my home base with DIW and living out of a bag of stuff at a co-worker's house.  Actually, at the house of the woman whom I replaced at work since she is now gloriously retired.  The reason I was there for the week was so that little Gus the schipperke (pronounced:  skipper-kee) would not be lonely.  Basically he is a little black dog with enormous amounts of energy because his owner does doggie replay races with him for funsies.  None of the photos I took of him with my phone camera really do justice to how much he looks like a cross between a fox bat and Stitch of "Lilo &" fame.

Fox bat +

= GUS!
Actually, he could just be a a fruit bat. Period.  In a cute way.  But I'm not sure how much I like real responsibility.  Dogs require me to be home at a reasonable time after work to feed said animal instead of changing plans last minute and doing whatever I feel like.

Other than a bag of cheezies and a cute dog the other best part of the week was hanging with Carmen in the man cave.  If I wanted to watch TV it had to be with a giant stuffed bear.  Like the previously was alive but got shot and then worked on by a taxidermist.  We had a photo shoot.

Carmen tries on his fishing hat (watch out the for angry deer behind you!)

Carmen is appalled at human pastimes 

Carmen ate a boy scout

Carmen calls home - has big news

Carmen babysits for a friend

Carmen doesn't feel to hot the next morning

Carmen rocks out (double punny!)
Help me be more funny - re-caption these to be more hilarious.

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