Thursday, June 7

Vertically Inclined

I decided to steal the punny name of my new (only) climbing gym to title this blog.  It is basically mandatory to include a pun in the name of any rock climbing gym.  For years I have wanted to try rock climbing on a regular basis and actually improve however I have never lived in a place where a gym was readily accessible nor have I ever been able to afford such a hobby.  Then came Edmonton.  The facility isn't exactly close but, with a car, it isn't exactly far either.  So I splurged on a 10 week class this summer that offers 2.5 hours of instruction once a week plus a pass to go and practice between lessons - the claim is that I will go from nearly zero knowledge of climbing to something called "lead" climbing where you hook your own rope and it hurts a lot more to fall all in 10 lessons. 10 LESSONS.  I'm terrified.  When I signed up I hadn't realized lead climbing was part of it and, honestly, I had planned to NEVER do it and just stick to my lovely already placed ropes.

My arms are tired, my hands had trouble gripping the steering wheel to drive myself home.  The verdict:  this is going to be tough.  But, if I'm diligent with my (very necessary) practice sessions in between I should be able to make this work.  

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