Friday, January 23

Today I pulled the "my-boyfriend-lives-far-away-and-I-never-get-to-see-him card"; and it worked! Whenever the topic of where I live and then where my boyfriends lives comes up in convo there is always a unanimous "wow, that must be so hard" and a "how often do you see him?".

Usually I try to play down the suckiness (or just admit that it really sucks and move on) since, you know, whatcha gonna do? Yesterday I decided to use it to my advantage and actually get to take a midterm a few hours earlier than everyone else because Mark is going to be in TO next week (for that library conference) and I want to get in early enough to actually see him. There really are benefits to smaller class sizes and knowing your professors.


Anonymous said...

"where my boyfriends lives"
Just how many boyfriends do you have?

Katie V. said...

ah, a freudian slip. I'd rather not disclose that information.