Saturday, January 24

Muy Caliente

Before being warned by the director at my volunteer place I hadn't put much thought into Gigi-the-cat hitting puberty. Gigi-the-cat is 5 months old, so we should have had some time before the evening yowling began right? Wrong. She is in raging heat.

Do you know how to tell if your cat is in heat? Well, I had no idea but she has been acting very strange lately. Usually she has no interest in affection but she now lets me pet her for minutes at a time, she meows all the time at nothing (it seems like nothing to the humans). The tip-off that made me go to the trouble to google the symptoms was an odd stance she took on while I scratched her back: she crouched low and seemed to walk on the spot with her back paws. So I checked. According to this site she is all horned-up and ready to go; we have to start guarding the doors so she doesn't go get knocked up. This wouldn't even be teen pregnancy....toddler pregnancy? Creepy. She is just a kitten and she is already set up to reproduce.

I hope Gigi's owner takes some advice from Bob Parker and gets her pet spayed or neutered.


NateS said...

lol...that's Bob Barker from the Price is Right! I remember the first time I heard a cat in heat...I thought there was a little kid in pain outside my window in the middle of the night. I was scared really! OOOOOwwwww OOOOoowwwwwww Spppooooky!

Katie V. said...

haha on two counts. That was a typing error, not me being ridiculously out of the loop on the Bob Barker comment. Thanks for catching that, I sure didn't! And yeah, cats in heat, good times.