Monday, January 19

Admitting that I'm bored always feels like failure; like I'm not involved enough or have enough 'hobbies' to keep myself busy. But you know what, I'm BORED! And lonely. I guess the two go together. Usually when I have free time I would fill it with social activities and just plain-old hanging out. Not here though, I don't really have friends (yep, its true, I'm a bit of a loner). I feel like I'm working hard and doing what I need to do to get where I want to be but I haven't made any effort to build up a social network here. At least I won't be missing too many people when I leave.

It helps to have things to look forward to. Keeping my eye on the prize, if you will.

In two weeks I see Mark in Toronto (he has a library conference. A conference for librarians about libraries and books. How adorably nerdy is that?)
My parents are in Hawaii right now so I look forward to seeing the pictures, hearing the stories and, yes, getting the cool souvenirs. So far I hear that I'm getting a cool purse and a map. Neato!

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