Wednesday, February 1

A new month, Hello FebRuary

Lets just say that February 2006 unintentionally started earlier than most days. I awoke at 5am, only to find that I would not be sleeping any longer. As ridiculously early as it was, I am thankful for that time, it gave me a chance to spend a little extra time in the word and prayer. I ate breakfast earlier than my eyes usually open and my tummy unexpectedly accepted the food offering of oats and apple-goodness without complaint.
Out the door I made it to prayer, sort of. I happened to be the only one, fair enough, I think Wednesday morning prayer is now a relic so I had yet more time with God (ok and the cool map, i love maps...and my eyelids)
Groggily I sped to my first class in MACS to watch a video about a fancy pants British hotel and how they do ensure quality. My free paper went unread until later, with the face of the now late Corretta Scott King staring off to my right. My Spanish class was enjoyable as usual, where i learned to destinguish between "I am falling down" (ya me caigo) and "I am crapping myself" (yo me cago) least that prof really looks out for us students.
Promptly i proceeded to the Cherry grey bus to ride (freely) to RIM for a job fair. Nothing of note except I got lots of free pens, chips and m&ms...most of which I ate on the free bus ride back.
I then had some time to chill in the Clubs office...great place. DG was good today, we looked at James and the concept of trial. How the ultimate goal of it is not perseverence but to Glorify God through perseverence that leads to spiritual maturity. Are all trials suffering? I wouldn't say so, challenging yes, not always suffering. Shout Out, my girls are great!
Project night was tonight with a wonderful turnout. Although my crappy jokes were an expected bust I enjoyed emcee'ing. I would never win any awards for it but since it happened to be the first time I did something in front of a group that mattered without feeling nervous I'll give it a "S" for satisfactory...or snake. Free pizza helped too.

I also, to my shame, watched an hour and a half of TV tonight. I have two channels (only two channels!) and it has sucked me in. What a waste...well the half hour of a American Idol was worth it. day, I just typed some notes, did some personal admin stuff and into my 18th hour of consciousness I bid you adieu. I promise never to talk about my day as indepth as that again.


Jelena said...

Oh Katie... Wednesday AM prayer is indeed just a relic, but ONLY for the rest of the Winter semester.

It was supposed to be cancelled as of this week, but weekly announcements didn't communicate that. And so this AM, I though, "Lord, no one will come anyway, so why should I get up for the last one??"... and there you were!! Hmmm... I think it has something to do with perseverance, faithfulness, and obedience...

But fear not: WEDNESDAY NIGHTS, we'll be showering the campus in prayer, walkin' style. Yep, you know the place & time. Be there.

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