Tuesday, February 14

Wasting Away

Today I had my first leaders DG, and let me say, shout out to a really great bunch of girls. I had a great time discussing the word and sinus infections with all of you! We did the inductive study for 1 Thessalonians 3. One thing we really got hinged on was v.5 (i think or one near it, i'm really full so i won't bend over to get my Bible). It (paraphrased) Paul saying he had heard they were strong in their faith and he was overjoyed because it meant that their work hadn't been useless.
Useless? Wow, thats a pretty dramatic statement. (He can be a pretty dramatic, black and white kinda guy). Can our efforts really ever be useless, for nothing? If we take the time to invest in someone and they fell away tomorrow, or in a year or in 30 years, would we see that as effort wasted? I don't know, we are encouraged to believe that God will use every thing we do for the kingdom and I do think he works through us. It does put an importance on being prayerful and careful about who we choose to invest our time in.
That got us talking too....when it comes to initiative evangelism, do we always pick the 'safe' people. The ones who look like us, who seem quiet, maybe not as opinionated, the bookish white girl? I think I do. I'll zero in on the safe person, the one I think I can relate, who's toes I won't be stepping on as much. Still thinking about it.....


Anonymous said...

Yo yo Katie V!

I was thinking about always picking the "safe" person when doing iniative evangelism. I totally zero in on asian girls... so this may be a little weird but I feel more comfortable iniatating conversation with them... hmm. Anyways thanks for the blog katie v!

kristin mac said...

Thought provoking, Katie!! thanks, I feel sometimes that I don't think enough, being out of school and all (and I'm only partly joking, lol) Oh, and PS, I miss you!!! Can't come to CCC tomorrow night because I"m working until 8 :( but we should get together soon...especially because you live just down the driveway!!