Friday, January 27

And its Friday

Not going to lie, this week has been a bit stressful. The worst part is that I was letting it get the best of me and not turning to God for his guidance and support as much as i should have been. Thats a bad habit of mine, turning to other people or inward before taking it to God.
I have some major big group projects for some of my classes and I think i was letting the fact that they are coming together slowly get to me. Patience I would say is the thing that I have been convicted of again and again but still need to wake up every day and just ask God to help me through the day.

The future, another point that i'm excited for but nervous. I cannot see yet where God is taking me or leading me...I think this semester it finally hit me that I will not be at Guelph forever.
Some things I want to do after school:
-more school! (another undergrad...linguisitics? nutrition? who knows!)
-I want to be a master of something! (just not marketing....)
-spend 6 months to a year in a spanish speaking country (porque deseo que hablar espanol)
-do an internship with CCC (either at HQ or on campus...UBC? Calgary? Dalhousie?)
I am so blessed with all of these options, but which is the right one? Hmmm.

So life goes on. I filled out Becky's peer review last night to submit so she can go to OEX. Pray for her, this is exciting stuff!

Sarah Primmer is here!!!!!!

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Lisa said...

I think I feel God telling you to come to Queen's next year. That's the premonition I have for your future.