Saturday, January 21

Prejudices....part 2?

I hadn't realized that my last post was January 1st, I had intended to be a deep and truthful look at my own prejudices that I carry around with me. I did spend a few days reflecting on what I believe about other people but in the end I forgot about it. THe conclusion I came to is that, likely, I'm a racist.
I tired just now to write a blog entry about why i think this and how I'm not actually a racist (and really, I'm not but I have been more aware of my own personal beliefs, attitudes ) but the conclusion that maybe I'm not as perfectly open and accepting as I think I am and not free from stereotypes like I would prefer to believe. Maybe I'm wrong but as a white person maybe I'm uncomfortable with race. Or maybe I'm too comfortable. I have yet to find that balance between love and PC. Comments I make that maybe I would never think twice about affect others in ways even they don't realize (or they do and don't tell me). How flippant can we be about race? Is it really just all fun and games when a large group of one ethnicity (we'll go with white for now) is sitting around and one person that is a minority (at least in that setting) has their race brought up time and time again in ways that are not overtly demeaning or rude and we all joke or talk together about it? I don't know the answer to that.
It always seems justifiable because I say to myself that if I was in the same situation in reverse (ie. the only whitey) we could laugh about being white until the cows come home (is that a long time?) and I wouldn't care. But would i know? I've never been there? And I'm not talking one time, maybe after the 37th time it makes a difference and behind my laugh I'd be a little sad and lonely.
Obviously I have no answers to this and I touched on race because of the Crash movie but prejudices are everywhere. Also, black, white, Cuban or asian (little shout out to will smith) we are all God's creation.
On a totally different note I just quit my job at the Frills (no male cashiers there by the way, out of about 40) I can't believe it but I'm a little sad. That will fade once I realize I have those evenings back, they're all mine! hahahahaha.
Another shout out, Lisa, a friend and suitemate from Calgary project this summer surpirsed me with a little visit yesterday. It was great to see her (you, if you're reading it Lisa) since it had been since August! Thats liek my whole life! We went to the Carden Street Cafe, which I would recommend, maybe save an evening visit for a one year anniversary.

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Lisa said...

Thanks for the shout out ma'am. I think the last time we saw each other was in September and I was wrapped in a ridiculous number of sleeping bags. I'm so glad we hung out though and would recommend the Carden Street Cafe (or whatever it's called) to anyone!

I still haven't seen Crash but you know the love I have for ethnic minorities. Maybe that could be taken wrong on the internet...