Thursday, January 26

You Don't Make Friends with Yellow Tights (Saga II)

Yellow tights shouldn't get such a bad rap but they do.  Enough to feature in two blog posts.  Good thing I don't give rodent's hiney whether people like my fun tights or not.  The abuse continued today when I decided to wear the mustard-hued tights to the longterm care home that I work at once a week.  Or let's call them "stockings" because if you're over the age of 70 apparently that is the word for them.

Little old lady (LOL):  Miss, miss!
Me:  Yes?
LOL:  Why did you wear those stockings?
Me:  Because I like them.
LOL:  Really?  Because they are HORRIBLE.
*sigh, + eye roll*

Me (to little old man):  You wanted help with _______ , I have some time now.
Little old dude (LOD):  No thanks, I'm busy [staring at the table, breathing].
Me:  Sure, it is just that I'm only here once a week so if you don't want to do this now you will have to wait until next week.
LOD:  No, I think I'll just keep on [watching dust fall]
Me:  No problem, just thought maybe now would be good since you asked and we'll have to wait until next week.
LOD:  Well, maybe if you had on some different stockings.

I want to say that I'm pretty sure he was joking.  Perhaps he was entirely serious.

Next week I'm going to wear the burnt orange ones.

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