Sunday, January 15

The Red Deer "Scene"

Sometimes I compromise - even though I would rather stay in an play Rumoli with some friends and have some good chats over nickels I'll agree to the clubs now and then.  Besides, dancing is good for your soul (if you're doing it for you).  The reason going to the bars is not really my scene is because I'm generally not going to meet the kind of people I would prefer to spend time with there nor would I be able to talk to them or the people I go with anyway.

Between the four of us we rules out every bar in the city before we even left the house.  One refused to party downtown and another doesn't do country (very limiting in this town) and dated a bouncer at the one and only real dance club I have ever even heard of here.  So we went to The Vat.  This was probably the first and only time I have or will ever find metal/screamo refreshing but it was.  It was the first time I glimpsed the grunge crowd in Red Deer and there was enough long hair in the room to make a new fur coat for Snuffy - and that was just the men.  The floor was sticky, the waitresses were rude and the lights were tacky - and some young'uns bought us drinks.

When our late-20s eardrums could take no more we compromised and convinced The Skip to chance Bellini's - bouncer or no bouncer for a little dancing.  Well the temperature in that club was sweat-inducing and I'm pretty sure it was all of the menopause in the room.  Not once have I been to the most "happening" place in a city with fairly current dance music and found myself between groups of 18 year olds dressed like Jersey Shore wannabes and a pack of 60-somethings trying to shake what their mommas gave them....a while ago.  Overall a  pretty fun night but, if (when) you come visit me let's stay in and play rumoli and talk about the big life questions.


Beth said...

Well, you have certainly cleared me of any desire to ever go clubbing in Red Deer. Rummoli, however, i think I would like to try.

Anonymous said...

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