Thursday, July 21


No big deal.  Just rafted the Nile.  Those are grade 5 rapids (if that means anything).  I'm one of the people already underwater.  This was our first rapid and we just flipped immediately.  Everyone else popped up right away but for some reason the water held on to me for what felt like an eternity (was probably closer to 10 seconds).  So I was a total chicken for the rest the subsequent 8 rapids - woops.  But it was an amazing experience.  The water was intense and when it was calm we were allowed to swim behind the raft in the NILE.  Right.  The river you read about when talking about Egypt or Africa in general.  A few more photos for your awe.

 Our raft hit a wave and got stuck so we just surfed there for 15-20 seconds.  It was awesome [o]possum.  There was so much anticipation because we were just waiting for it to flip us over into that mess.  But suddenly it just spit us out completely upright.  The legs in the air belong to Jumaa our rafting guide who has been doing this for 12 years.  He was really enjoying himself.
The last rapid.  We had a round of high fives after finishing this one sans flip.  It was then that the guide pointed out that we had lost one guy way back at the start of the rapid.  Woops.  The camera man was clearly on top of his game.


Anonymous said...

I noticed you wanna scuba dive...pop on over to Indonesia and get some diving in with me...seriously...this year... :)
- stefaney

Katie V. said...

Maybe I will. I have been considering Singapore for jobs...just a skip away!