Friday, July 29


No big deal, just hung out in the Masai Mara for a few days scoping dangerous animals.  I'm too lazy to post many photos but you know what the animals look like.  Some highlights from the trip include:

-Thousands of zebra
-Herds of wildebeest
-Fat fat hippos
-Once, twice, five times we saw lions (once with a zebra carcass, once with a dead wildebeest and a fun lion who liked to play with a dirt clod)
-Rhinos ...we think (we failed to bring binoculars and our camera had very limited zoom so we were told they were rhinos)
-Lazy lazy cheetahs
-Giant pack of hyenas eating an unidentified dead creature
-A giraffe running next to our vehicle (so incredible...likely my favourite moment)
-Conversations with Masai warriors.  Their definition of a "man" is a bit different than the western definition.  Some of our guy friends had never killed a lion nor owned any cows so, in Masai eyes, they were the equivalent of preteens.  No ladies for them.

Me with one buttcheek in Kenya and one in Tanzania!
There was a Masai warrior hanging out at our camp (a few Italians had hired him as a guide) and he hung out with us after dinner to chat.  It took him 6 years in the bush but he killed a lion and now he is back to raise his herd of 50 cows and marry.  His first wedding is in 5 months.  He anticipates the second one in 7 months.  If he has his way he will have 5 wives someday.  His sandals have a spike sticking vertically from the toe which he informed us acts as a sundial.  Ingenious.  He also asked how long it would take to walk to Canada.  We tried to explain that he would need a boat....he insisted on knowing so I just said "one year".  He seemed satisfied with his answer.  He walks to Nairobi in 1.5 days.

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Anonymous said...

I want a giraffe to run past my vehicle!!! Sooo jealous. I looove elephants too. I could watch animals for hours - so fascinating. BUT I am waay to chicken to get too close to them lol.
I hope to see you at convocation :)

-Brown Hands