Friday, July 1

Canada: I'm a Fan

Happy 144th Birthday Canada!

In your honour, Hi-C and I sang a screechy-but-heartfelt-rendition of your national anthem over our weaties for the family we stay with.  They were suitably impressed. 

Lacking red clothing I have donned a flag pin and plan to tell everyone I encounter today about your special day.  If they can be acquired, fireworks will be set off tonight after dinner (no need to stay up late - the lighting will be firework-appropriate by 7pm).

Things I miss about you, Oh Canada:

Free Healthcare:  Fine.  Not *free* since we pay hefty taxes but healthcare for all without the grabby middleman that is insurance.  I want to be able to go to the doctor when I need it instead of waiting to be approved beforehand.  People may complain about our healthcare, dear Canada, but the ambulance comes when you call it and a stay in the hospital will not financially cripple the average citizen.  Thank  you!

Long summer days:  How I miss the presence  of the sun on perfect summer days and campfires when it goes down.  Sunset by 7pm year round has its drawbacks.

Condiments:  more specifically ketchup (catsup?).  At home I'm mostly a ketchup-goes-on-french-fries girl but I still find I miss it.  If you ask for ketchup here you get something mysterious called "Peptang".  A thin, neon orange liquid that is basically sweet and sour sauce without the sour.  Not. the. same.  It wouldn't kill people to use a little BBQ sauce here and there either.

Tolerance:  holy racism, Batman.  Yes, it is still racism if I get bumped to the front of the line for being white.  It is racism when a Somali teen gets beaten to the point of permanent brain injury just for being Somali.  It is intolerance when the national newspaper doesn't bother to distinguish between homosexual and pedophile.

1% Milk:  heck, 2% milk!  Not that I can't get used to eating my wheaties with 3% milk (cream?) but my waistline adjusts by expanding.

Lack of corruption:  I suppose I would be fooling myself if I thought there were no corruption in Canada.  However, *most* money that goes to taxes comes back out in the form of government programs and social services (ie.not into politician pockets).  You can call the police and expect them to help you without receiving a bribe or cut.

Water from the tap

Consistent and reliable power


This post truly isn't meant to be a rant or be against any one country.  It is just a celebration of what is great about Canada and the things that I appreciate even more now after being away.  And being away for only 2 months.  If I were to be here a year I would also really miss:  real desserts, donuts, fresh air, sweaters, good cheese, thai food, vietnamese food....Download:


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