Wednesday, May 19

Tea Time!

Remember when I was trying to decide between DC, Boston or Chicago? I'm unsure if I ever updated but the decision was Boston. Reasons: it is smaller and better for driving (we're chicken s**ts when it comes to city driving). It is right on the coast and next to cape Cod (we can listen to Vampire Weekend as we leave the cape). It is supposed to be pretty.

We have the car booked (9am tomorrow morning baby!) and our accomodations set (go cheap and skeezy hostels) and...that is about it. From there we plan to mostly wing it. At some point we will see the ocean.

Right now most of the anticipation is around the road trip itself. 4 awesome ladies in a compact car for many, many hours. Each of us has a playlist for the ride. I anticipate some overlap but also some tolerance of differing tastes. I'm using much of my time controlling the music to introduce the glory of emo-punk (try: Mariana's Trench, Ludo, The Spill Canvas, etc.). We plan to harmonize. Possibly make horrible translations of English songs into Spanish (and possibly back again). Trivia cards. 20 Questions (I'm the master of selecting random objects that no one can guess....'accordian' took the last group almost an hour).

I don't anticipate much sleep tonight....

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Michaela said...

Sounds like your going to have a blast!!!!!!!Soak it all in girl!!!!!