Friday, May 14

The Story of my Blog

I've been wanting to blog more often but have also been reluctant; I don't want my blog to become sad and pathetic sounding. Because, let's be honest, that's kind of how I spend most of my time feeling. And that is ok right now. While I try to be light-hearted, there is a season for every emotion and right now some of my emotions really suck. I'm starting to take advice from others: set aside time to think about the person/grieve (15 minutes a day). I can't say I stick to it but I'm working on it. School should be my focus now but it isn't motivating me.

In fact: I started this post planning to talk about my classes with a focus on our very interesting voice disorders class. But I've distracted myself. I'll be back!

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Anonymous said...

Funny that we sit in the same classes being distracted by the same types of crappy emotions/thoughts. I'm here if you want to chat, KV :)