Wednesday, May 5


For the first time in my life I'm really living the city-life: an apartment building! I'm on the 8th floor which I've justified as high enough up that I can take the elevator on a regular basis without feeling guilty. It could, of course, be an opportunity for exercise but I've chosen it as an opportunity for awkwardness. People truly are at their most awkward in elevators. I look forward to the next few months.

In addition to having my very first elevator, my housemate is a real grown-up with a job. She has real furniture, a lovely flat screen TV, a wii (!) and even digital cable. THERE ARE OVER 500 CHANNELS! I have never had cable at school before; this could be bad. Oh, and blue-ray. Planet Earth really is more amazing this way (as opposed to my burned copy on a 3-yr old laptop, who would have guessed?).

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