Tuesday, March 3

Some People just Don't Know Funny

Joking around is my style, I just can't take everything too seriously. I typically get a kick out of my own jokes. Sometimes other people do too. Often people do not appreciate my humour.

Today in Spanish class we were working on vocab and the word was desdén (disdain). The prof asked us how we might show disdain/dislike for someone non verbally.
"Not talk to them"
"Not invite them to a party"
"Ignore them"

"Put flaming dog poo on their doorstep"
*silence accompanied by blank stare by professor*

Continuing on. I get a nudge from a classmate, "You would actually do that?"

Um, no, it was a joke.


Silas said...

gotta love mature students who have nothing to lose and don't care about how others think!

good joke, btw haha..

Anonymous said...

Sounds like somebody needs to watch Billy Madison.

Katie V. said...

Silas: I know! I used to be so quiet in class, so afraid of making a mistake. Now I rarely go through a class without making one.

And anonymous: maybe I can find one with Spanish dubbing? The whole class needs a refresher of good ol' Billy.