Tuesday, March 10

Reasons I could Lose my Mind

Thursday evening I have a midterm for 7 chapters of an online physiology course. I haven't had to work this hard to memorize so much material since high school!
As for the reasons:
1) does scurvy cause madness? I'm out of everything but eggs and can't go to the grocery store until late thursday
2) I thought doing the study guide as instructed would help...it does. But it also ELABORATES and gives more details than even the textbook...awesome
3) I emailed the T.A. for some reassurance and got none. Less than none. I have been informed that yes, all of those nit-picky little details about which protein allows doublets of microtubules in cilia to slide past each other (dynein) will be included. His exact words "It is exceptionally difficult, but doable. Study hard" Thanks.
4) Other classes can't be skipped to study because I have midterms in both of those classes next week.
5) I miss Mark.

Are those enough reasons? I could come up with more but those are the most pressing. I will be getting my nourishment in the form of knowledge these next few days (ok, i'm sure i'll grab snacks from the convenience store too).

Also, I realized that I routinely commit a heinous gym crime: visible non-white socks at the gym *gasp*. Acceptable: sockies that can't be seen above the shoe OR white sport socks
My socks: colourful flamingo socks above line of shoe (I have pants so this isn't a tall sock-with-shorts thing) but my workout pants do make me look like i'm waiting for a flood.

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