Friday, October 3

Wasting Time

With school, a job, and volunteering as much as possible to have a shot at grad school I should be busier than ever. And I am. Except, I'm bored and the rain is locking me inside. I rarely felt so bored in Guelph but I think it is due to my lack of friends. Not knowing many people here means that my free time becomes all mine, instead of social time. I really only need so much 'me' time and right now what I'm getting is too much.

Some of this extra free time is very productive. Some of it is spent watching Bones. Yum, Agent Seeley Booth of the FBI (aka Xander from Buffy, aka David Boreanz). Usually I bore of these types of shows as the story lines tend to blend but I enjoy the characters; the awkward geniuses are endearing. Also, it has a surprisingly lovely soundtrack. My new favourites:

Sara Enan: Bring on the Wonder
Syntax: Pride

Both mellow and emotional (wait, I going emo??)


Anonymous said...

David Boreanz was Angel on Buffy not Xander.

Katie V. said...

Oh you are right! Thanks. So much for getting a pop culture reference right.....

Beth said...

"Yum, Booth" is right! I couldn't care less about the murders on that show, but I LOVE the characters. Especially when Bones and Booth are in therapy. Sweets amuses me endlessly.