Tuesday, October 21

Maybe having a social life is counter-productive

Since when am I the student who answers all the questions in class?

The one who goes out for coffee with her professors?

Who sits on committees of campus clubs? (As of this week I am one of two VPs of Communications for Autism Western)

Who volunteers with a professor and phd candidates? (Starting last week I code data into a computer system as part of a major project creating a database of all Spanish/Latin American-produced art and art housed in Spain - I get to look at paintings and listen to music!)

From my Guelph undergrad I am used to coasting on decent marks and keeping my involvement in school activities to social/religious-related occurrences. Hopefully this new involved citizen makes it out of school.


Silas said...

i think you're just doing what you know is important! how is the art project stuff even related to speech pathology??! haha..

those activities are awesome.

btw, did you know that kristen hearns is at uwo right now too?

Katie V. said...

It isn't related, you're right, except that I need professor references and volunteering and getting to know another prof who can vouch for my work ethic is key. I really enjoy pretty much everything i'm doing (well maybe not all the homework).

I had no idea she was here. I'll have to try and track her down, thanks for the heads up!