Friday, August 10

She who laughs, lasts

The other half of a 52 year marriage, parenting pair to five children, my nana, is in the hospital waiting to see her husband who passed away in January. "I just want to see the beautiful garden he must have this year" she said easily with full faith that it is there, waiting.

Just like my nonno, she can't help but crack jokes all the way through. Today she happened to have a friendly male nurse who also happened to be a brit (and call teeth Gnashers, ha). He came in to take her blood oxygen levels and this is how the conversation went.

Nurse: I have just come to check your blood oxygen levels.
Nana: you're not a nurse
nurse: yes, actually i am a nurse.
nana: no. You're not just a nurse
Nurse: You're right, I'm super nurse. However I forgot to wear my underpants outside my uniform today.
Nana: Can you prove that to me?

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Beth said...

i think you are going to be a lot like your talk about cheeky!