Friday, August 31

Blog Day

So, it's Blog Day apparently. How I almost let that slip I'm unsure. The way to celebrate this holiday is to post links to 5 new blogs (supposed to be out of one's normal realm of blogdom and culture).

I can't claim to be reading that made new blogs however I will make a contribution. My best discovery so far has been travelblog, a site that hosts nomadic blogs by some very fascinating (and, of course, not so fascinating) people. There are forums to discuss books to take backpacking and millions of photos from all over the world. One of the best features is their search function. A reader interested in a certain area can narrow it down to only entries written about a specific region or country. I recommend choosing obscure or difficult to travel to places (ex. bosnia, tajikistan, etc.) and live vicariously through the people who somehow take years off their lives to see the world.

I have had the privilege of reading the travels of a few adventurers. A surprisingly common route is to go from Eastern Europe to China by land (ie, poland, turkey, armenia, uzbekistan, pakistan, india, .....) The one I'm hooked on right now is the aspiringnomad who happens to be taking just that route. His photography of the local people is almost National Geographic quality and he even pays attention to composition.

Warning: This site is dangerous as it may cause you to be severely jealous and to consider taking a year (or 3) off of your 'real life' and trekking through the mountains to remote communities of Bangladesh.

Happy Travels.

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