Wednesday, August 22

Green Dreams

The summer here has been exceedingly dry. Christopher Walken dry. This has contributed to an abundance of forest fires and sienna coloured lawns. What is worth noting is that many people have just given in to the brown-hued grass and let Al Gore's climate change take its course instead of sucking gallons of water from Lake Superior for pure aesthetics. This impresses me. There are some who refuse to give up the perfectly manicured dream (including our crazy next-door neighbour). Apparently this was bothering even more than I realized because a few nights ago I dreamed about my frustration: I was watching lawns being watered and trying to get up the nerve to knock on doors and ask people to consider leaving their lawns to yellow for the greater good. Deciding that I didn't have the (insert body part here) to do it I contemplated leaving flyers in mail boxes to encourage water conservation. This wouldn't work either because it would be a waste of paper so, not wanting to look like a hypocrite, I did nothing (well that I can remember at least). Am I all talk? I hope not.

Trip Update:

Due to some schedule problems (making up time for Bermuda, all the students leaving for school at the same time, etc) I found out today that I will be working until the 8th of september! Crap. I had hoped for at least a week off before I leave to pack and say goodbye. That has now dwindled to one day: Sunday. The 10th (yes, my mother's 50th birthday) we drive down through the states and I fly out a few days later. I still don't have health insurance, medication, traveler's cheques, gifts for my host family.....

Not to mention making my mom's birthday gift and planning her birthday party (both of which I'm excited and lucky to do be able to do but just wishing for 36 hour days)

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